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We are a nationally certified pilot car and truck escort company

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Kansas Superload, LA, GA and NV permits and UT NM inspected also PA insured

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Our drivers have CDL & Health card, US Passports as well as TWIC cards

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We Go the Distance For Your Loads

Safety is the first thing that our pilot car drivers think of first. It doesn’t matter if we are Leading, Chasing or on a High Pole escort job our drivers know that our job is to protect the motorists that all seem to be in a hurry on our roads and highways. After that our job demands that you are properly routed and on time. We perform this task with a number of different systems in place to make sure every effort of the combined “team” that we performed is maximized.
We serve clients at every level of their organization, whether as a trusted advisor to top management or as a hands-on coach.

When you have an over dimensional load to move, the pilot car service you chose is critical to the safe and timely delivery of your oversize load.
With Batie Dependable Pilot Cars & Truck Escort Service, our pilot cars will lead the way as your heavy haul cargo is transported from pick up destination to drop off destination.

Batie Dependable Pilot Car Service drivers work with the truck driver an oversized load. Together, the drivers work ensure that oversized loads make it to their destinations safely, cost effectively and event free. Essentially at Batie Pilot Cars we understand that a pilot car should provide advance warning to others on the road that an oversized load is coming through.

There are several things as a pilot car that we try to accomplishes when accompanying a heavy haul transportation carrier. Batie Dependable Pilot Cars drivers ,understand that they have the following responsibilities as Truck Escorts:

  • To Warn other drivers that the oversized load is on the road.
  • To Block lanes when necessary for the safe maneuvering of the oversize load around obstacles.
  • To Communicate with the oversized load driver when he can safely change lanes.
  • To Communicate with the heavy haul transportation driver by letting them know whether it’s safe to drive onto a narrow bridge or blocking off traffic to the bridge so that he can safely pass without endangering other vehicles.
  • By Helping Evaluating whether an oversized load can safely enter a tunnel or start moving around a curve.
  • By Letting the driver know if there is an obstruction or potential risk in the area that he is approaching.

When you have an oversize load that requires you to have a Dependable truck escort service, give us a call at 352-538-3645 We provide Route Survey’s, High Pole, Lead/Chase, Traffic Control, Flagging and more. The safe and timely delivery of your load is out utmost priority. Our pilot car company has a saying: “we go the distance for your loads”!

Our company dispatches Pilot Cars ( Escort Vehicles) in all lower 48 state including Canada and Mexico. Whether you have a short haul run across town or a multi-state journey ahead of you our friendly and knowledgeable staff will complement your team ensuring your shipment is moved from point A to point B in the most safely, efficient and affordable manner possible. With job safety at the top of our list we are equipped to help you with most if not all of your transport needs including: lead, chase, high pole, route surveys, traffic control and more.

We are a nationally certified pilot car and truck escort company. Certified in FL, WA, & NY. With Kansas Superload, LA, GA and NV permits and UT NM inspected also PA insured. Our professional drivers have their CDL & Health card, US Passports as well as TWIC cards when port delivers are required. Our Vehicles are Equipped with Full on board Office, Laptop GPS As well as fax/printer capability, front and rear camera’s, So we got you covered. We have been in the oversize trucking industry a long time and come prepared for success.

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